Saturday, June 13, 2009


Ryan Ford, Trent Reed, Alex Meyer, Jon Finucan, Josh Sapp, Dan the man, and I all went to check out this contest at Fusion. Lots of good fun to be had and insane skateboard maneuvers to be done. Finucan, JSapp, and Ford all killed the park. Alex got third place in the intermediate division and was ripping as always. Here's some pictures of everything but skating. I only managed to take one decent, semi-useable skate photo.

We stopped in the ghetto where Trent serenaded the locals.

"Ryan Ford! Where is Ryan Ford?"
Ryan raises hand
"Oh shit Lunchbox, I didn't know that was your real name"

We safely arrived in Greenville only to get stuck in traffic at some train tracks that apparently had no train coming. Someone drove on the median around the road blocker things and everyone else followed suit. We were just waiting for someone to get plowed by a big CSX.

Ford here, just making sure we aren't going to become greasy spots on the tracks as we cross.

We browsed around town for about an hour looking for a decent hotel with decent prices. Trent was so excited when we finally got a room, he forgot he had a recovering broken foot and side flip-alien signed this gap at the hotel.

Chillin' out.

Little Alex (driving) and Ford went for a beer run. Jk jk. Ford just giving Alex his first driving lesson.

And later...

Ryan Sheckler and Sean Malto were at the contest.

And Finucan does a nollie heel while farting on the guy who likes to rock a hat similar to mine.

That is all. Footage update soon I'm sure.

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