Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A few of my first skate flicks of the summer. Clips are in the video. Way more to come...stay posted.

What you don't know about this shot is that Wells had to ollie up a 3 stair going about 45 mph, set up for a kickflip within about 20 feet, and boost one over THAT. As well as doing it perfectly, he did it in such a small amount of tries that I didn't have the time to angle-hunt or take a decent picture. This is the best one I got.

Wells Shaw - Ollie up, Kickflip

Keep in mind these stairs are about probably less than 5 feet wide with handicap ramp uphill run-up. Not to mention its a 10. Not my scene but Finucan killed it.

Jon Finucan - Hardflip

Jon Finucan - Hardflip

And this is Jon's nipple.


  1. the alien face in well's kickflip is gnarly

  2. rad stuff!!!! good god im sooo hyped on both of those tricks